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10 Considerable Kitchen Without Backsplash Inspirations

A backsplash is used in order to protect the wall from splashes. It is usually installed behind a stove or a sink. But, there are some people who do not have any backsplash in their kitchen.

They protect their kitchen walls from splashes in some specific ways, such as placing the sink in the middle of the kitchen area and many more. If you also want a kitchen without any backsplash installed, check these inspirations below.

1. Futuristic Kitchen
The walls in this kitchen are away from any splashes because the sink is placed in the middle of the kitchen area. This kitchen has a futuristic look because of the shiny stainless steel countertop that quite catches an attention.

It is also because the white color which is dominating the area. A shiny baby blue wall behind the stove is added in order to add a color.

The wall is coated so that it is easy to clean it from oil splashes. And a painting is hung up on the other side as a wall decoration.

2. Victorian Kitchen
The sink is placed in front of the window which is a smart idea you can follow to instantly have a kitchen without a backsplash. So that you are able to open the window when you are washing the dirty dishes and your kitchen walls are protected from water splashes.

The kitchen in the picture above looks traditionally classy. It is dominated by only white and natural wood colors. The householders build some racks between the stove in order to create an open kitchen cabinet. The racks are beautiful that can be the kitchen wall decorations as well.

3. Minimalist Kitchen

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Downers Grove, IL has a distinct mix in the style homes that have been built through the years.  But many of those homes are now getting old and very dated.  If you talk to a Realtor, updating your kitchen is still one of the best methods of increasing the resale value of your home.  If you live in Downers Grove and your kitchen needs something new, here are 3 kitchen remodeling projects that we completed for some of your neighbors that may get you excited and ready to start the process of your own kitchen remodeling project.

Maxine’s Kitchen Remodeling Project


Like most of our client calls, Maxine was sick of her old dated kitchen.  Her kitchen was very narrow and previous kitchen designers told her that it was too small for the island she had always wanted.  The drywall soffits took up much needed storage space made the kitchen feel smaller. Maxine wanted her new kitchen cabinets to go to the ceiling.

Painted Kitchen Cabinetry

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+40 Best Shower Design Ideas That Will Inspire For Your Home

The Bathroom is something that is become an important part of our life since it is could be the only place at home that could keep us clean. In order to create a comfortable bathroom, it is requiring you for having a better shower design quality and style, in order to make you more comfortable during your showing time at home.

Several types of bathroom design were comfortable enough to use since most of them are using the modern style and others are using the combination of modern and traditional design. You could apply this to your current or future bathroom, with the combination of decoration your showering time will be much more comfortable.

There are many types of shower decoration that would be explained here, that is maybe could help you to show several inspirations to be used in your home. There are many kinds of bathroom design appears, but sometimes it is not suitable enough for your budget, here we will show you several bathroom designs from a high to the middle class.

Low budget does not mean that you could not have a clean and comfy design, this is still could be maintained since we could reduce the size of our bathroom. Small or big bathroom just only a reference, but the most important thing is you could organize to maintain a good quality of furniture and other unique stuff in your bathroom.

Why we Need a Comfortable Shower Design

Showering time is the most fun activities at home, which sometimes many people are likely to spend more time in their bathroom when they are showering. The feeling of water to touch our body, especially when we are having a very exhausting day or a hard day in the office, our body would need a comfortable time to relax in the shower.

A comfortable design also really important for a human being, people mostly spending a really long time in the shower to thinking on something, and sometimes their aspiration was mostly come when they are in the shower. This is one of the conditions that should become one of your consideration when choosing the furniture.

People likely underestimate the impact of uncomfortable shower design without thinking twice, they are not knowing that a high consideration on clean and comfy shower would be very useful. A health bathroom is about to see how is the condition of its furniture, sometimes people do not aware that a comfy shower would help us to become fresher.

People today are likely to choose something that is expensive to decorate their shower, without considering again their budget. Sometimes, this is one factor that could make them could not have suitable and comfortable furniture, due to the limit of money that they have, which create their shower design only for a half part of their bathroom.

This is not something good to happen, as if we do not fully design all of our bathroom and shower, it is just only could make us feel uncomfortable during showering. Sometimes it is dismissing the quality of health in our bathroom, which mostly happen to people who are not reconsidering their budget to use expensive stuff and furniture.

Start from today, we have to really careful in choosing the right furniture for our shower and bathroom. Using the modern or traditional design is not something that really matters, one thing that is quite important to reconsider about is the quality of health and comfort of our shower, which could help us for having a better quality of showering.

How do I Organizing the Budget?
Budget is something that could make us considering something that we would like to do or buy, this is not something that rarely happens to a human being. Every people has its own priority in their life if you have your own priority in creating or redesigning something in your life, such as bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom you may also do the same thing.

This situation mostly happened to a people who are having a big ambition in creating a good design of shower which has a small budget, that it is not good for their quality of life. They might be able to bough those stuff, but at the same times, they could have the possibilities of high risks in their life such as credit card that is blocked by the bank.

From this situation, it is about how to manage your own money while you are wanted to have something that you are really wanted about. You may save your money first before you decided to go, it is used to minimize the regret of buying something without considering many things, this is also because you have to know that everything is about the process.

Building or creating the design of everything including the shower or bathroom would need a long time since we need to reconsider many things in doing that including the budget. Another consideration would be on how to manage our idea, to make a concept that is suitable enough to the condition and the size of our bathroom and shower.

Sometimes people got wrong to decide, they are preferring to choose the design and buy everything including the furniture for the shower design and bathroom without reconsidering the size of their bathroom. They are only listening to their heart without rethinking on their budget, they need to allocate their money not only to their desire.

Their desire actually still could be held, as long as they are able to manage their money or allocating their money in the right way. By using this strategy, people will always have their clear mind to do something step by step, including to renovate or build their shower design and furniture without underestimating other sectors of life.

Start from now, you may have to think twice and move step by step to fulfill your desire, you can look around to the store in choosing the furniture, and then go back home to match it with your bathroom size. By doing this you can minimalize the mistake of choosing the wrong design and furniture, which is not suitable enough to your bathroom.

Unique and Modern Shower Design
In creating unique and modern design, there would be many things that you have to do, and there are also several ways to have a better quality to match it with your budget. Here we will explain several steps to do if you would like to have better quality and design for your shower, which mostly many people doing this in managing their budget.

First thing or choice to do is contacting a designer, there are many people go to the designer in order to fulfill their desire for having a better quality. Mostly the designer would be able to help you by showing several designs, which is also matched with your current budget, even that sometimes if the budget was limit you could not get it.

In contacting a design consultant to talk about the budget and design, mostly done by people in this time, except the result that is quite satisfying, it could also manage your time to decide what you need and you do not need to have. Budget is one thing that is a much more important part of your life since you could have a better life with managing it.

The Second step that you might need to do in achieving your desire for having a better quality of shower, you could get it in an easy way for today with the help of technology. Today people mostly do research in finding the best design for their shower on the Internet, there will be a review on how much money you need to spend.

Not only about the money, but they are also provided you with the tips and trick on how to buy cool stuff with a lower price. This is mostly what everyone needs to know, with this steps people would not being foolish by the seller in one place, that is having a high price with a very low quality which only put you in disadvantages side.

Regarding the design for your shower, here is the list for you to know about and to apply to your current shower and bathroom. There are several types of the design that you could get to know in this part, however, it is back again to you whether or not you like it or not, and it is about your money allocation on spending the budget.

1. What Makes a Beautiful Shower Design?
Showers do not need to be uninteresting as well as scientific. Also in little areas, you could develop attractive showers for a revitalizing day-to-day experience. From standard to modern-day, making use of harsh rock or smooth floor tile, showers could adjust to any type of design.

What comprises “lovely” is actually as much as the eye of the observer. However as a whole, a feeling of equilibrium, lots of light, style aspects like contrasting lines as well as various ceramic tile patterns, and also appropriate devices all add to gorgeous shower rooms.

Look at these motivating, gorgeous shower layouts that show the outstanding opportunities of this ignored room.

2. Smooth Shower
This smooth, neutral shower by Sisters In Sync Design, using Houzz, is a fantastic instance of exactly how you could incorporate your shower room with the remainder of the washroom.

The floor tile prolongs beyond the shower location to offer a smooth appearance, as well as the blonde timber bench includes a touch of beachside convenience.

3. Steel-Framed Shower Enclosure

 Make use of the all-natural light with this shower readied to a wall surface with huge home windows that still allow light however are frosted for personal privacy. Keep in mind the shower head and also the plant and also bench within the damp location.

The marble made use of by designer John Maniscalco provides this shower room both sophistication as well as a conventional appearance with a touch of minimal motivation.

 If your preferences are a lot more advanced, after that perhaps this initial shower design will certainly motivate you. Keep in mind exactly how the area is specified not just by the bent wall surfaces yet likewise by the smaller sized cut of the floor tile within the damp location. The various colored, rainbowlike ceramic tile makes you seem like an astronaut!

This shower by LAIR Architectural, using Houzz, is most definitely amongst one of the most initial as well as remarkable styles available.

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