Monday, August 12, 2019

Honey Lime Chicken

Honey Lime Chicken - crazy delicious chicken with honey lime. The BEST chicken that you can make for your family, takes only 20 mins!
Sliced Honey Lime Chicken on a wooden chopping board.


Chicken is our favorite protein; I make chicken many times a week so I am constantly developing new recipes. Two ingredients that I love most are honey and lime.

Easy and quick chicken recipe with honey lime marinade.

This honey lime chicken is inspired by a recipe on Eating Well, but I simplified the recipe to make it easier for you. The recipe takes only 20 minutes to make!

Oven roasted delicious Honey Lime Chicken.

This honey lime chicken recipe turned out to be a perfect 10. It’s absolutely moist, juicy, tender and utterly delicious. The honey, lime, soy sauce and garlic marinade do wonders to the chicken.

The end result is sticky sweet, savory and citrusy chicken that you will be begging for more.

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